Malmö's strategic location by the coast, combined with its history and scenic natural surroundings, make it easy to find just the right spot for that perfect IG picture. The city's historical buildings are great for adding a bit of grandeur to your shots, while its more modern attractions make for really cool background subjects.

    Malmö is also home to several places offering fantastic views where excellent photos are pretty much guaranteed. The city's local green spaces are also well worth a visit and full of golden opportunities to capture that perfect picture for your grid upload of the day.


    Turning Torso

    Take in the view from up high

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    The Turning Torso is a modern skyscraper and an architectural marvel stretching 190 metres up into the sky. As the name suggests, the building resembles a body contorting around its own axis, amazing most of its beholders. The Turning Torso is comprised primarily of residential homes however groups can also visit the building.

    A trip up to the top makes for the perfect opportunity to snap a truly breath-taking picture of the sprawling city and the glistening water that lies below. And even if you are unable to get inside and visit the top, you can nonetheless take an incredible picture of the building itself set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Western Harbour (Västra hamnen).

    Lokalizacja: Lilla Varvsgatan 14, 211 15 Malmö, Sweden


    Ribersborg Beach

    Prepare your hot dog legs for the perfect beach snap

    Ribersborg Beach is a gorgeous beach located just a stone's throw away from the city centre. The beach is man-made but no less beautiful neither on camera nor in reality, and it is currently the city's most popular beach offering volleyball courts, kiosks, a cute little marina and a large recreational area for four-legged friends. Folk tend to flock down in summer evenings for barbecues, salsa shows and social gatherings – making it the perfect place to photograph Malmös' vibrant outdoor city life.

    If you are visiting Malmö in the winter then visit Ribersborg open-air bath (Ribersborgs kallbadhus) to warm up in the sauna before plunging into the sea.

    Lokalizacja: Ribersborgsstigen, 217 59 Limhamn, Sweden


    Öresund Bridge Abutment (Brofästet)

    Watch the Öresund Bridge disappear into the horizon

    The Öresund Bridge Abutment (Brofästet) is the place to go to capture what is perhaps the most iconic IG shot in all of Malmö. The area offers a striking view of the Öresund Bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark.

    Once you've taken a few shots of the sea and the imposing bridge, enjoy the local scenery with a spot of fishing or take a walk or cycle along some of the local trails. And when you need a break, simply find yourself a nice spot with a good view and sit yourself down to relax. The Öresund Bridge is Sweden's gateway to Europe, so you'll find that this entire area is imbued with a special atmosphere.

    Lokalizacja: Utsiktsvägen 10, 216 30 Limhamn, Sweden


    U3 Submarine

    Visit a real submarine for a cool and quirky photo

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    The HMS U3 is a Swedish submarine which was launched during the Second World War and is currently on display at the Technology and Maritime Museum (Teknikens och sjöfartens hus) in central Malmö. Besides the chance to take an unbeatable photo, you'll also have the opportunity to clamber inside and learn more about what life was like in a sub both during and after the war.

    Listen as the veteran crew describe what conditions were like on board, stroll around at your own pace, check out the technical equipment that was used and learn how the crew, slept, ate and did their business. You'll find plenty of backdrops for excellent photos both inside and around the submarine.

    Lokalizacja: Malmöhusvägen 7, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden


    Fiskehoddorna Fish Market

    Photograph a charming fish market brimming with bounty

    The picturesque Fiskehoddorna Fish Market is the largest market place for freshly caught fish and seafood in the Malmö region. Buy delicacies of the sea such as halibut, cod, lobster and mussels or sample some traditional pickled herring. You'll also find delicious smoked salmon and eel that has been freshly smoked by the fishers themselves.

    If all the sights and smells get your appetite going, pull up a chair and sample some classic fish dishes on the terrace. Opportunity abounds to take atmospheric photos of the little market stalls themselves or the bustling market atmosphere. The Fiskehoddorna Fish Market is located at Banérskajen by the Malmö Museum.

    Lokalizacja: Banérskajen, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

    Otwarte: Tuesday–Saturday, 6:30 am to 1 pm


    zdjęcie: jorchr (CC BY-SA 3.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Malmö Castle (Malmöhus slott)

    Take an epic selfie outside the castle

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    Malmö Castle (Malmöhus slott) is one of the oldest preserved Renaissance castles in the Nordic region and a great selfie backdrop for any history buff. Besides serving as a castle, the building has also been used as a mint and a prison.

    South west of the castle, which is located in central Malmö, you'll find Slottsmöllan which is a gorgeous old mill, and to the south you'll find the lovely Castle Gardens (Slottsträdgården). These gorgeous gardens are a wonderful place to take a relaxing stroll and make a nice backdrop for some photos. For something a bit different, take a gondola tour along Malmö's canals.

    Lokalizacja: Malmöhusvägen 6, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

    Otwarte: Daily from 10 am to 5 pm

    Telefon: +46 40 34 44 00


    Street art in Holma

    Add a touch of colour to your IG grid

    The residential district of Holma is a treasure trove of colourful creativity and one of the best places to appreciate street art in Malmö. The most convenient way to experience the area's street art is to rent a bicycle as the distances between individual works can sometimes be quite long.

    Many of the best murals cover entire facades stretching several storeys into the sky, though you'll also find art in tunnels and on smaller buildings. How about taking your partner and recreating the mural of a woman kissing a zombie in front of the mural itself?


    zdjęcie: rniiiwebmovie (CC BY-SA 4.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Architecture around Stortorget square

    Feel the pulse of history as you stroll surrounded by beautiful buildings

    Stortorget is the oldest public square in Malmö and home to some of the city's most important and beautiful buildings. The architecture around the square is just as eclectic as it is stunning. Photograph the modern imitation of a Dutch Renaissance facade that fronts City Hall (Rådhuset) or the stylish Hotel Kramer which draws its inspiration from a French castle.

    The square is also home to a beautiful old pharmacy (Apoteket Lejonet) and the red-bricked home of former mayor and founder of the square Jörgen Kock. Here you'll find plenty of beautiful details to photograph as well as some impressive backdrops for a selfie or two.


    Little Square (Lilla torg)

    Capture the essence of Malmö nightlife in a single shot

    Little Square (Lilla torg) and the surrounding area is full of charming restaurants and bustling terraces. The square is buzzing even on colder days as people huddle under inviting heaters in the centre of Malmö. The area is home to some of Malmö's oldest half-timbered homes, which house concerts, exhibitions, cafés and shops. The large brick building on the square was once a market hall but now operates as a hotel and restaurant.

    The square also features a well where you can see images that depict and describe the square's history of trade and commerce.


    King's Park (Kungsparken)

    Admire artwork in a green oasis

    King's Park (Kungsparken) is the oldest part in Malmö and the perfect place to snap a verdant shot for Instagram. Enjoy a relaxing stroll among tranquil ponds and exotic tree species from three different continents in the green heart of Malmö's oldest neighbourhood. Stop and admire one of the many artworks created by famous artists such as Swedish sculptor Ernst Billgren.

    The park also features a gorgeous cast-iron fountain, a bridge and a gazebo over the water – all excellent backdrops for the perfect selfie. Or if you fancy taking a break from photography, you can play the slots or grab a bite to eat in the park's restaurant, Casino Cosmopol.


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