There is no shortage of winter activities to enjoy in Gothenburg both outdoors and inside. Take refuge from the weather and warm up in a rain forest, a sauna or a cosy café. Visit one of the city's museums, complete with big indoor playgrounds for the kids. When the snow is falling and the weather is cold, you'll find both skiing and tobogganing in the city centre, or if the weather disappoints there are multiple indoor rinks and slopes to explore.

    Gothenburg is well used to the darkness and as autumn nears its end, the city's streets, squares and parks burst into light. Innovative light installations and Christmas decorations abound, so simply stroll around and take them all in. Just so long as the rain isn't freezing cold and practically horizontal, of course! In which case, you'll never be far from a cosy restaurant or a cute and toasty tram carriage waiting to transport you to your next adventure.


    Cross country skiing at the Delsjö Nature Reserve

    Explore the trails at Gothenburg's most popular area for outdoor recreation

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    Cross country skiing at the Delsjö Nature Reserve is an enduringly popular activity whenever the snow starts to fall in Gothenburg. The area boasts an enormous network of flat and ungritted exercise trails which are just perfect for cross country skiing. Many of the stretches have electric lighting and there are sometimes outdoor candles on dark winter afternoons.

    There are no designated routes, giving you the freedom to explore the landscape for yourself. Equipment can be rented from several spots around Gothenburg. If the weather disappoints and you show up to bare ground, don't dismay as the Skatås Leisure Centre offers a wide range of indoor activities to keep you busy. Or if only skiing will do, check out the indoor facilities at Skidome in Kviberg.

    Lokalizacja: Skatåsvägen 25, 416 55 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Telefon: +46 31 3682200


    Winter swimming at Dyrön Island

    Enjoy sauna and sea in the company of huge ships

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    A winter swim at Dyrön Island is a beloved tradition of many Gothenburgers, with its gorgeous views and popular sauna. There are many great winter bathing spots along the West Coast, such as Askim, Styrsö and Nösund, but few come with such an incredible view. From here, you'll be able to see the island of Marstrand as well as the Pater Noster Lighthouse and watch huge shipping vessels on their way to nearby ports like Uddevalla and Wallhamn.

    Winter swimming is a relatively new trend and many point to the health benefits of exposing the body to a sudden shock. Many say that they feel fantastic afterwards but if you're not convinced, you can always try it in the autumn when the waters are a bit warmer. The whole thing is naturally a great deal easier when you have a sauna as enticing as the one on Dyrön to ease you along. What's more, the journey to this beautiful island is a whole experience in and of itself, taking you across imposing bridges and on a relaxing ferry ride.

    Lokalizacja: Dyröleden, 471 43 Dyrön, Sweden


    Christmas at Liseberg

    Get into the festive spirit at a winter wonderland

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    Christmas at Liseberg combines the best of 2 worlds: an amusement park and a Christmas market. The distinguished Liseberg Amusement Park only recently began decking itself out for Christmas, but to great success. You'll find something for everyone as Liseberg goes all out and leaves no details to chance.

    Step into this magical and inviting winter wonderland and enjoy all the classic delights that Liseberg has to offer – games, food, attractions and pulse-raising rides. Plus, you'll also find one of the largest Christmas markets in the Nordic Region with a gigantic range of high quality offerings, a lavish ice show, affordable ice skating and even the chance to recite your wish list to the big man himself.

    Lokalizacja: Örgrytevägen 5, 402 22 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Telefon: +46 31 400100


    Gothenburg's museums

    Step into the warmth and learn something new

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    Gothenburg's many warm, cosy and multi-faceted museums are always a safe bet when the weather is less than inviting. They are affordable, sometimes even free, and most have cloakrooms, storage lockers and cafés serving warm drinks and hot food. Families with kids will appreciate the excellent changing facilities and lavish play areas that many of the museums offer. For example, check out the Knattegatt Play Room on the top floor of the City Museum (Stadsmuseet).

    Or if you're wandering along Avenyn or Nordstaden, you'll find the Museum of Art (Göteborgs Konstmuseum), the Sport Museum (Idrottsmuseet) and the Medical History Museum (Medicinhistoriska Museet) all within easy reach. Check out an enormous mounted blue whale at the Natural History Museum (Naturhistoriska Museet) in Slottsskogen or visit the Maritime Museum and Aquarium (Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet) in the district of Majorna. A little farther away but well worth the trip are speciality museums based around Volvo, trams and aviation. The latter, Aeroseum, boasts an exciting location inside subterranean hangars.


    Tobogganing at Brudarebacken

    Cast yourself down an incredible toboggan slope

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    Tobogganing at Brudarebacken is a completely unique experience as the hill is as long as a ski slope and has 2 lifts. The 270-metre-long toboggan slope is the little brother to the nearby Brudaremossen Ski Slope. Its incline is just perfect and it offers a proper braking zone at the end. From the top, you'll have excellent views over the forests of the Delsjö Nature Reserve and of the city itself.

    Brudaremossen can be reached by tram although it is a bit of a walk from the nearest station, Töpelsgatan. If you'd rather save up all your energy for the toboggan, there is car parking available in the area.

    Telefon: +46 72 7210465


    Alkemisten Coffee Bar

    Sip award-winning coffee and savour tasty treats

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    The Alkemisten Coffee Bar began garnering attention from connoisseurs shortly after opening and has won several distinctions. Siblings Mikaela and Kristian Hedborg decided to open a genuine coffee bar in central Hisingen after growing tired of having to trudge into the centre anytime they wanted truly exceptional coffee. They are fully involved in the journey their beans take from farm to cup and committed to fair trade and sustainability. Enjoy your coffee accompanied by a vegan sandwich and some sumptuous cheesecake bites.

    Alkemisten is located outside the Market Hall (Saluhallen) by the elevated tram stops at Vågmästareplatsen. The area is a little out of the way and once had something of a gritty reputation, but the entire area has been remodelled in recent years. You'll also find plenty of life at Lindholmen down by the river where Alkemisten have even opened a second location.

    Lokalizacja: Gustaf Dalénsgatan 14, 417 23 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Otwarte: Monday–Friday 7 am to 6 pm, Saturday–Sunday 10 am to 5 pm


    Valhallabadet Swimming Hall

    Take a relaxing swim at Gothenburg's oldest pool

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    The Valhallabadet Swimming Hall is a Mecca for water babies with 10 pools all built and designed in a classic 50s style. The swimming hall is known far and wide for the large wall mosaic by local artist Nils Wedel which was featured on national TV in Sweden. The Valhallabadet Swimming Hall is located on the city's so-called Thoroughfare of Events (Evenemangsstråket), behind the Scandinavium Arena and a tram stop of the same name. It is within walking distance from many hotels, making it easy to swing by for a quick dip.

    Lengths are mostly swum in the 50-metre indoor pool although there are a number of smaller pools as well. The standard and bleachers at Valhallabadet have enabled many big competitions over the years, with the large diving tower also playing a key role in that regard.

    Lokalizacja: Valhallagatan 3, 412 51 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Otwarte: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30 am to 7 pm, Tuesday and Thursday 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday 7 am to 3 pm, Sunday 11 am to 3 pm

    Telefon: +46 31 3684531


    zdjęcie: Historiker (CC BY-SA 3.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Ice skating at Angered Arena

    Practise ice hockey and skating at an ultra modern facility

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    Ice skating at Angered Arena is a year-round activity, even when the weather is wet and mild. The facility boasts 9 pools, sports halls, a gym and a relaxation area. It is located right next to shopping centre Angered Centrum, with all of its many shops and eateries. The area is located quite a bit to the north of central Gothenburg but it is well connected to the city by several tram lines and a good road network.

    Many ice hockey teams, figure skaters and winter sports clubs use the full-size rink, although local regulations ensure that the public has access as well. Equipment is also available to rent for a reasonable price, including sledges, sleds and harnesses for safety. As well as skating, you can also enjoy other activities such as a game of ice hockey with your friends, for example.

    Lokalizacja: Högaffelsgatan 15, 424 65 Angered, Sweden

    Telefon: +46 31 3682000


    Berzelii Choklad

    Attend a chocolate tasting or pick out your favourites

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    Berzelii Choklad hosts chocolate tastings to stimulate both the mind and the belly, and also offers a café, lunch menu and premium chocolates which you can buy and take home. Here, chocolate production is a creative handicraft which takes sharp senses to hone. It all comes down to the fine ingredients and flavours which are completely free from artificial aromas and essences.

    But you don't need to be a chocolate connoisseur to come here – many simply slip in for a quick lunch or an afternoon coffee break. Enjoy your sandwich accompanied with one of many different hot chocolates of the highest quality or simply pick up some pralines to enjoy at home. Make up your own selection or pick up a curated box, and be sure to try some of their cakes and other products. Berzelii Choklad is just one of many specialist outlets in this neighbourhood, so be sure to take a walk and discover innovative restaurants, bars and stores.

    Lokalizacja: Magasinsgatan 12, 411 18 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Otwarte: Monday–Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday–Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

    Telefon: +46 31 7781660



    Stroll around through rainforests and beneath sharks

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    Universeum is a truly elaborate science centre boasting large aquariums, an even larger rainforest and heaps of different exhibitions and activities. The 7-floor complex is located right next to Liseberg Amusement Park and is in the same high class. The building also boasts 2 large indoor play centres, several eateries and an annual outdoor exhibition featuring animated dinosaur models in full scale.

    When it's cold and windy outside, take refuge in the warm rainforest where you can discover exotic birds, frogs, sloths and monkeys. The suspension bridges over to the 25-meter tree are a must-do, as are the humungous aquariums where you can walk through a glass walkway under swimming sharks and rays. And don't forget to visit the sections for reptiles, the human body and outer space. If you've got extra curious kids in tow, you may even need to schedule in a second visit to cover it all!

    Lokalizacja: Södra Vägen 50, 412 54 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Otwarte: Opening hours vary depending on the season

    Telefon: +46 31 3356400


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