Saunas are a typical Nordic phenomenon, and interest in saunas has risen sharply in recent years, not only in the capital, but also in Trondheim.

    More and more people have started using saunas, often together with other treatments, and several new varieties have also emerged. When you look at the menus of various spa and wellness centres, you'll often find a wide selection of saunas such as steam saunas, dry saunas, herbal saunas, infrared saunas and more, not to forget floating saunas. Many people have saunas installed at home and it has become popular to have a sauna followed by an ice-cold dip in the sea. Below are some recommendations for places where you can experience the wonderful benefits of a sauna.



    Hot Sauna and Cold Dip

    Sjøbadet is located right by the Trondheimsfjord and is a lovely place to take a break from everyday life, whatever the season.

    The central bathing area benefits from steps, a raft and diving tower alongside simple and modern facilities, and in summer, the city's residents often come here to swim in the fjord, sunbathe and relax. In winter, the on-site sauna is heated at fixed times. Use of the sauna is primarily intended for local members, but there is also a so-called "public sauna" open to anyone who wants to use the sauna and enoy a refreshing winter dip afterwards. The facility's central location makes it easy to walk or cycle here from anywhere in the city centre.

    Lokalizacja: St. Olavs Pir 2, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Telefon: +47 95 06 19 90


    zdjęcie: Trondheim Havn (CC BY-SA 2.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Bunker Sauna

    Sauna with a History

    • Przygoda

    Bunker Sauna is located in Østmarkneset by Ladestien. It is a bunker from World War II, which creative architecture students from NTNU with support from the municipality have turned into a sauna.

    Previously, Østmarkneset was an abandoned quay facility from the war, where architecture students have given new life to the abandoned buildings and transformed the area into a popular meeting place for the city's residents. Alongside the sauna is a recently built restaurant, and both Trondheim freediving club and Trondheim Kayak Club have their club premises here. The sauna is public and open to everyone. No need to book a place. If the sauna is in use when you get there, simply wait until it is free again. And after a trip to the sauna, it's always nice to have a drink and a snack while looking out over the sea to the Fosen Peninsula.

    Lokalizacja: Leiv Eirikssons vei 42, 7040 Trondheim, Norway



    A Total Experience

    Pirbadet is Norway's largest bathing facility, and in addition to a large wellness centre, it offers most bathing activities here - and a little extra.

    The wellness area is located in a secluded zone and has a pool with massage jets, sun loungers, a large shower, a caldarium and saunas. A session in a sauna is said to be good for both body and soul, and Pirbadet has two dry saunas and a steam sauna. Nordsjøbadet Spa offers a wellness area with sea views and a choice of relaxing spa treatments, allowing you to just let go and recharge your batteries. A relaxing session in the wellness pool while looking out over the Trondheim Fjord through the large panoramic windows is also recommended.

    Lokalizacja: Havnegata 12, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 06.30-21.00. Tuesday and Thursday: 12.00-21.00. Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-19.00

    Telefon: +47 73 83 18 00


    zdjęcie: Ezzex (CC BY-SA 4.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Solsiden Spa and Wellness Centre

    Wellbeing from Top to Toe

    Solsiden Spa and Wellness Centre at Solsiden shopping centre was the first day spa to arrive in Trondheim, and it offers 500 m2 of wellness for the whole body.

    The menu offers a wide range of treatments from skin care, manicures and pedicures to spa and wellness treatments, salt peels, clay treatments, different types of massage, a spa and much more. In the wet area, you can try out a steam bath, infrared sauna, cold pool and more, so if you want to take a break from everyday life and enjoy a day of wellbeing, this is definitely the place to come.

    Lokalizacja: Solsiden Kjøpesenter, 2. etg. 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Monday-Friday: 09.00-21.00. Saturday: 09.00-18.00. Sunday: closed.

    Telefon: +47 73 83 36 00


    Trondheim Hamam

    Norway's First Proper Hamam

    Trondheim Hamam was established in 2012 and is the country's first and only original hamam, which is the Turkish variant of a steam bath.

    The place also offers a choice of different treatments, all performed by experienced therapists. Here you get everything from facials, body scrubs and clay wraps to steam baths, saunas, infrared saunas and a variety of massages, in addition to a separate relaxation area. Choose a single treatment or a package with, for example, a sauna followed by a massage. The perfect place for a full wellbeing experience.

    Lokalizacja: Øvre Flatåsveg 4D, 7079 Flatåsen, Norway

    Otwarte: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday: kl. 10.00–21.00. Wednesdays and Sundays: closed.

    Telefon: +47 72 60 17 20


    Bare Flyt

    Respite from Life's Daily Bustle

    Bare Flyt is a modern floating centre in central Trondheim that offers a number of relaxing and healthy treatments. Floating is an effective method of physical and mental relaxation, so this is the place to go if you need some respite from everyday life.

    The centre also offers yoga, facials, various massages and an IR sauna, or infrared sauna as it is also known. This is a treatment that uses infrared rays to warm up the body and muscles in a comfortable way. Enjoy the treatment on your own or with a friend. After a session in the sauna, why not add in a massage for a deeply relaxing experience.

    Lokalizacja: Fjordgata 9, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 11.30–20.00. Saturdays: closed. Sundays: 12.30–19.00.

    Telefon: +47 48 15 77 59


    Britannia Spa

    A Luxury Wellbeing Experience

    • Luksus

    Britannia Spa is located in the historic and exclusive Hotel Britannia in the heart of Trondheim, and just like the hotel, the spa and wellness area is in a class of its own. If you're looking for a complete wellness experience in luxurious surroundings, this is the place for you.

    The spa area is like an elegant oasis and offers a full 840-m2 of wellness for body and soul. In addition to classic treatments, there is a mini pool, whirlpool, relaxation room, steam room, ice bath, saunas and much more on the menu, and there is of course a well-run gym here as well. After a wonderful time in the wellness area, why not finish off the experience either with a drink at one of the hotel bars or a tasty meal at one of the first-class restaurants.

    Lokalizacja: Dronningens gate 5, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Monday-Friday: 07.00–20.00. Saturday-Sunday: 08.00–20.00..

    Telefon: +47 73 80 08 06


    Hovde Gård

    A Complete Experience in Idyllic Surroundings

    • Luksus

    Hovde Gård is located in Brekstad, a short boat trip from Trondheim, and has all you need for a deeply relaxing experience. The hotel's idyllic location at the far end of the Trondheim Fjord also makes it a great place for a romantic spa weekend for two.

    The hotel offers both massages and spa treatments performed by experienced therapists, and the modern wellness area offers relaxation rooms, a hot tub and a sauna. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine in the spa, there's nothing to stand in the way of that either. This is the place to just relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of life for a while.

    Lokalizacja: Hovdeveien 10, 7130 Brekstad, Norway

    Otwarte: Varies

    Telefon: +47 72 51 59 00


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