Trondheim's interesting and exciting museums attract both tourists and locals. Here you can travel back in time, enjoy learning about the history of popular music, archeology and biology, admire the beauty of art and much more.

    Whatever grabs your attention, you'll find a convenient museum here, and getting around is easy whether you drive or want to use public transport. These museums are guaranteed to pique your interest and aesthetic senses, and quench your thirst for knowledge and interest in history.


    Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk museum

    A Journey Through Town and Village History

    It takes time to explore all that Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum has to offer, as this fascinating open-air museum comprises several historical buildings spread over a large area. The museum is split into a village part and a city part, and also encompasses the ruins of the castle that King Sverre built many hundreds of years ago.

    Some of the highlights here include the Haltdalen Stave Church from the Middle Ages and the intricate main exhibition on everyday life and society through the ages. It takes about ten minutes to drive here from the city centre, and there are three eateries on site if you need a breather. Those travelling in groups can request a tailor-made tour.

    Lokalizacja: Sverresborg Allé 13, 7020 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-15.00. Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-15.00.

    Telefon: +47 73 89 01 00


    Ringve Music Museum

    Explore the World of Music

    Based in pleasant premises on Lade, just outside the city centre, lies every music lover's dream, namely Ringve Museum. This national music museum features thousands of interesting instruments and musical activities, as well as a café and shop, and the beautiful surroundings and historic buildings complete the experience.

    In addition to the two permanent exhibitions, "Hovedbygningen" and "Låven", the museum also features a variety of temporary exhibitions. You can also borrow an audio guide when exploring the instrument collection, for useful background information and examples. The museum isn't just about exhibitions and entertainment, but also works actively on conserving the instruments.

    Lokalizacja: Lade Allé 60, 7041 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-16.00 (September-May). Monday-Sunday: 10.00-16.00 (June-August.

    Telefon: +47 73 87 02 80


    Kristiansten Fortress

    Great Views and History in One

    For many hundreds of years, Kristiansten Fortress has guarded Trondheim, ready protect against any approaching enemies. The fortress stands on a hill, which means as well as admiring a magnificent historic fortress, you also get to enjoy a fantastic view of the city.

    The dungeon and the museum are popular attractions here, with the added bonus of a café and rooms available to hire. Several times a year you'll hear cannon salutes from here. These are launched to mark special occasions, such as royal birthdays and historical events. It's just a short walk from the city centre and worth a visit if you want to learn about the history of this listed fortress - and also the city itself.

    Lokalizacja: Kristianstensbakken 60, 7014 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Doors open form 08.00-21.00

    Telefon: +47 46 87 04 00



    Rock Your Way Through Norway's Pop Scene

    Rockheim takes you on an interactive and virtual journey through the age of popular music from the 1950s to the present day. In the large and architecturally interesting building, you will find both permanent and temporary exhibitions featuring, among other things, iconic objects, video, sound and images.

    You can also look forward to the Rockheim Hall of Fame, which pays tribute to people/pop bands who have had a big impact on Norwegian music. The museum also organises concerts and educational activities for children and young people. At the end of your visit, stop for a bite to eat at the restaurant or buy some cult artefacts in the museum shop. The museum is just a short walk from the city centre, and groups have the option of visiting outside normal opening hours.

    Lokalizacja: Brattørkaia 14, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-16.00. Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-17.00.

    Telefon: +47 73 60 50 70


    zdjęcie: Magne Gisvold/Rockheim (CC BY-SA 3.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Trondheim Museum Art Museum

    A Mecca for Art Lovers

    With its two exhibition venues, Trondheim Art Museum, also known as TKM, really has a lot to offer. The Bispegata venue is the main museum and is located by Nidaros Cathedral, while Gråmølna is located on Solsiden. Both venues are centrally located and are therefore easy to get to.

    The museum features a large collection of Norwegian art, including several well-known works. In addition to the musuem's own collection, you can look forward to taking a closer look at both international art and contemporary art. You can also join guided tours, courses and events, while the Sunday family events are particularly popular with young artists in the family.

    Lokalizacja: Bispegata 7b, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Wednesdays: 10.00-12.00. Thursday-Friday: 12.00-16.00.

    Telefon: +47 73 53 81 80


    zdjęcie: Kjell-Jørgen Myrtveit (CC BY 2.0) zostało poddane edycji


    NTNU Science Museum

    Educational, Fun and Entertaining

    Different animal species, cultural and natural history collections, archeology and geology are just some of the things you can learn more about at the NTNU Science Museum, which is one of the country's university museums. In addition to interesting and exciting exhibitions, the museum also conducts research and management.

    There is plenty to explore here for both young and old, but the medieval town is particularly popular. This is a place of archeological finds from the Middle Ages, where it's particularly interesting to walk through the city streets from that time. The museum's central location makes it an easy place to visit, and if you are staying in the city centre, all you need to do is walk.

    Lokalizacja: Erling Skakkes gate 47A, 7012 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-16.00. Saturday-Sunday: 11.00-16.00.

    Telefon: +47 73 59 21 60


    zdjęcie: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (CC BY-SA 2.0) zostało poddane edycji


    Jewish Museum in Trondheim

    A Closer Look at a Sad History

    The Jewish Museum in Trondheim takes you back to the life of the Jews who came to the city at the end of the 19th century, and you can learn more about the Holocaust and the post-WW2 era. Through both permanent and temporary exhibitions, the museum focuses on important topics such as anti-Semitism.

    The exhibitions comprise images, documents, objects and accounts, which together give visitors a powerful experience of what life was like. The museum also offers various teaching programmes for schools and educational institutions. The museum is centrally located and therefore easy to get to.

    Lokalizacja: Arkitekt Christies gate 1B, 7012 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Sundays: 12.00-16.00

    Telefon: +47 40 16 98 01


    zdjęcie: Cato Edvardsen (CC BY-SA 3.0) zostało poddane edycji


    National Museum of Decorative Arts

    Decorative Arts Through the Years

    Crafts and design are the main focus of the National Museum of Decorative Arts, where you can admire samurai armour, baroque costumes, glass work and interiors displayed over several floors.

    The museum features several exhibitions and a collection spanning thousands of objects. Visitors can also search up any registererd objects via the Digital Museum portal, which is always fun. The museum shop has plenty of interesting gifts, both for yourself and others. You won't have to walk far to get here either as it's right in the heart of the city.

    Lokalizacja: Munkegata 3–7, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10.00-15.00. Thursdays: 12.00-19.00. Saturdays: 10.00-16.00. Sundaya: 12.00-16.00.

    Telefon: +47 73 80 89 50


    zdjęcie: Wolfmann (CC BY-SA 4.0) zostało poddane edycji


    The Trondheim Maritime Museum

    A Voyage Through the History of Shipping

    In a cosy old building by the Nidelven in the centre of Trondheim lies Trondheim's Maritime Museum. Anyone interested in shipping and local maritime history will enjoy exploring the exhibits here.

    This is a museum that will delight both young and old, while Sivert the ship rat hopes the children can help him with his seasickness. Adults will be fascinated by the films, pictures, paintings, ship models, navigation equipment, charts and much more. You can even use the museum's database to perform searches on specific seafarers and ships.

    Lokalizacja: Kjøpmannsgata 75, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Otwarte: Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-15.00. Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-16.00.

    Telefon: +47 73 52 89 75


    The National Museum of Justice

    Law and More

    The National Museum of Justice is located on Kalvskinnet in a building formerly used as prison, a forced labour institution and criminal asylum. The museum focuses on Norwegian legal history from the 17th century until present day, and you can take a closer look at objects and photographs from World War II, police uniforms and items used for executions.

    At first glance, it may seem a bit macabre, but it is actually very interesting to learn more about the development of the legal system over several hundred years. You can look forward to both permanent and temporary exhibitions, so even if you've been here before, there's usually something new to explore.

    Otwarte: Kongens gate 95, 7012 Trondheim, Norway

    Telefon: +47 73 50 03 05


    zdjęcie: Wolfmann (CC BY-SA 4.0) zostało poddane edycji

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