Bjørgvin, the original name for Bergen, means "the green meadow between the mountains", and you won't have to go far to find rocks and cliff faces.

    Climbing is a rapidly growing activity in Bergen, and climbing walls have become a regular feature at gyms and sports halls. Increased interest also means increased activity in well-known climbing areas, new routes, constant growth on the Bergen climbing club's route database and ever thicker climbing guides in a book format. This list of 6 popular climbing areas gives you a taste of what is available in the area, for both crag climbing and longer routes.



    A Classic for Climbers

    Liafjellet is said to be the place where climbing was introduced in Western Norway. The Bergen climbing club has lists of routes on Liafjell that were climbed and described as early as the 1960s. This makes it a classic climbing area in Bergen, which belongs to the larger Tellnes/Haganes area.

    The approach is not too daunting - only 15-20 minutes. The location on the sunny side out in the ocean gap means relatively little precipitation and short drying time, and therefore dry mountains. Here you will find rocks with fine cracks that are well suited for natural securing, and the area is best known for boulder climbing. The cllimbing is varied with two to three rope lengths with overhangs and crags. About 80 routes are listed, most routes rated 4/5 and 6, but there are also a few more challenging routes. The descent is straightforward, down the so-called "Descent vessel" between the peaks. You are guaranteed to find something that suits you, and probably also other climbers to strike up a conversation with.

    Lokalizacja: 5357 Tellnes, Norway



    Hidden Climbing Gem in Fusa

    Mojavato is a climbing area that was discovered by local climbers in 2003, and is particularly distinctive due to its high overhang. With a height of over 30 metres and 6 metres of rise, there are opportunities for really challenging climbing with routes of degrees up to 9.

    The edge of the cliff face is a little easier, but this is definitely not an area for beginners. The sunny location provides sun until the late afternoon, which is great for longer climbing days. An overhang provides a certain amount of shelter when it rains. Several of the routes are marked with a sign at the start. As a relatively demanding and remote field, Mojavato is described as a hidden climbing gem.

    Lokalizacja: 5645 Stavanger, Norway



    Western Norway's Best Rocks for Crack Climbing

    Uskedalen in Kvinnherad south of Bergen has a huge granite wall below the 1248-metre high peak Ulvanosi, with beautiful crags and many good views. Also named «Norway's Yosemite», which provides an apt description for keen climbers.

    With camping in the immediate vicinity, a reasonably short approach and an excellent climbing guide, this area has all the right conditions for a great climb. There are more than 70 routes, with difficulty ranging from easy to semi-challenging, graded from 4- to 7+. The main cliff face offers routes over many rope lengths - up to 860 metres - in airy surroundings with great views. An introductory route of 4 rope lengths has been bolted to make it easier for local beginners, but this is mainly an area best suited to wire climbing.

    Lokalizacja: 5463 Vossestrand, Norway



    Great Climbing Area for Rock Climbing in Eksingedalen

    Hjellaberget at the top of Eksingedalen offers mainly boulder routes of a couple of rope lengths with the 200-metre long «Pinakkelen» (grade 6) as the longest, with its four rope lengths.

    This is an area where the bolts are limited to only a few of the standing places. The area has some good crags, and is described as a notch above the popular Liafjell in terms of degree of difficulty. It also has the advantage that Eksingedalen is so remote that you'll find very little traffic on the rocks. Further information about the area is only available in Bergen Climbing Club's Climbing Guide for Bergen.

    Lokalizacja: 5728 Eidslandet, Norway



    Local Crag Climbing by the Water

    Gjøkeredet is a climbing area at Fuglavatnet by Ågotnes on the island Sotra outside Bergen. The west-facing vertical wall is only about 15 metres high, but is only a stone's throw from the road, gets the sun all afternoon and dries quickly. The standing area is on a small ledge just above the water's edge, and the routes top out on a plateau at the same level as the road.

    Eager local climbers began bolting routes in the early 2000s, and now there are 30+ routes with degrees of difficulty ranging from 4+ to 7-. The area is a fairly easy climb, and is therefore often crowded with less experienced climbers during the summer season. The area is also used a lot for climbing courses and DNT's Wednesday climbs.

    Lokalizacja: Skjærgardsvegen, 5363 Ågotnes, Norway



    Climbing for Everyone in Telavåg

    Fiskesleppet is a relatively new climbing area developed by Telavåg in 2011, and which is constantly being expanded with new routes. The approach is very good, with parking in Telavåg close by.

    You can pitch a tent here for a couple of days for climbing in the scenic surroundings. The area offers 30+ routes with a rating around 4/5, and with some at the absolute lowest and most child-friendly level. Plenty of grass and small rocks under the wall also provide comfortable conditions for securing yourself. Harder routes have been established on the edge of the area, with a handful of 8s. All in all a varied offer of climbing routes.

    Lokalizacja: 5380 Stjørdal, Norway


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