Israel is an impressively diverse destination, with its wide variety of landscapes, varied history and remarkable culture. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is the fact that locations here play pivotal roles in many of the world’s largest religions, with the names of cities ringing through thousands of years of human history.

    Of course, it’s not a place that lives exclusively in the past. Tel Aviv is known as one of the world’s great beach party destinations while the Golan Heights offers adventure, wildlife sightings and views of rolling green hills. Don’t forget to check out Eilat – the resort town at the southern tip of the country where you can surf on the sea or sand dunes all year round.

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    • Tel Aviv is a vibrant city that appeals to foodies, bohemian adventurers, and anyone in search of a good time in the sun. The restaurant scene here is legendary, with young chefs creating game-changing dishes in uber-cool eateries. One of the hippest areas is the Florentin district, which is emblazoned with must-see street art. Be sure to...

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    Where & what to eat in Israel

    • 10 Best Israeli Foods to Eat in Tel Aviv

      Israeli food makes the most of the unique ingredients found in the Middle East, with chick peas, olives, and flat bread all featuring prominently. Some dishes have spread across the world, while others are relatively unknown outside of the region. Tel Aviv has some of the best cuisine in the country, so you are likely to find some exciting new...

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