Are you running low on energy and holidays? In Denmark, you can find a long list of great destinations for a short weekend break, so you can unplug from your everyday life. When you return for yet another week of work, your batteries will be recharged and you will feel energised like never before.

    We have gathered our suggestions for the 10 best weekend breaks in Denmark, which include everything from big-city holidays, where culture, shopping and gastronomy take centre stage, to remote weekend breaks surrounded by unique nature. Check them out here, and plan your next weekend break.



    The City of Smiles invites visitors to a rich city and culture life

    As Denmark's second-largest city and the European Culture Capital of 2017, Aarhus offers a wealth of activities and experiences for your weekend break in Denmark. For instance, visit the popular art museum ARoS, where you can experience one of the most spectacular views in Aarhus from the circular rainbow panorama on the roof, or drop by the open-air museum, The Old Town (Den Gamle By), where you can go on a fantastic journey back in time through Denmark's history.

    However, Aarhus offers so much more than culture and art – in this young university town full of Danish and international students, you will find a pulsating city life with an impressive selection of cafés, restaurants and bars, which can accommodate both student-friendly prices as well as gastronomic experiences in the Michelin league.



    H.C. Andersen's birth town is a hotbed of romance and culture

    You can find Odense smack in the middle of Funen – a great destination for a relaxing weekend break amid culture and history. Get lost in the network of cobblestone streets, which will take you back to a different time, and be fascinated by the charming town houses with their multitude of colours. One of the town's oldest town houses is the yellow half-timbered house where H.C. Andersen was born and grew up. Today, the house is a museum dedicated to the world-renowned poet and author.

    Odense is a romantic town, which is home to beautiful parks with small streams and statues, and good shopping options on one of Denmark's longest walking streets, as well as a nice selection of cafés, restaurants and bars, all contributing to a cosy and relaxed city atmosphere.



    Get close to nature and exotic animals

    Even though Lolland and Falster are actually two different islands located to the south of Zealand, they often go under the common name of Lolland-Falster. These flat islands are great for cycling holidays thanks to the lack of hills, and their modest size allows you to experience a lot in a single weekend break.

    If you love animals and nature, you should visit Krokodille Zoo on Falster, where you can experience Europe's largest collection of crocodiles and alligators. You could also visit Knuthenborg Safaripark on Lolland, where over 1,000 animals roam free. If you're looking for entertainment and excitement, see whether you can find your way through the deep spruce forest that makes up Labyrint Lolland-Falster.



    Go on a weekend holiday surrounded by unique nature

    You'll be hard pressed to find a better destination than Møn if you are looking for an active weekend break amid some of Denmark's most beautiful nature. Here, you'll find one of the most beautiful places in Denmark: Møns Klint. With its steep, white slopes, framed perfectly by green trees along the top and the crystal-clear sea below, Møns Klint invites you for long hikes in impressive surroundings.

    Even though Møns Klint is the landmark that attracts the most visitors to Møn, the beautiful island has so much more to offer. For example, you can go exploring small cosy towns or see how many of Møn's dolmens you can find. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have lots of exciting experiences on Møn during your weekend break.



    Spend a weekend at the largest sea fortress in the Nordic Countries

    Christiansø is part of the archipelago of Ertholmene, which also consists of Frederiksø and the bird reservation Græsholmen as well as numerous small rocky islands. Ertholmene are located about 12.5 miles north-east of Bornholm, which actually makes Christiansø Denmark's eastern-most point.

    If you are considering a weekend break to Christiansø, you might as well pack your bags now – Christiansø offers a nice selection of exciting experiences for a few days away from your busy everyday life. Since it's the oldest sea fortress in the Nordic countries, dating back to 1684, you can experience fortifications consisting of old bastions, an old high-security prison for political and dangerous prisoners as well as the over 300-year-old Big Tower (Store Tårn), which tells a captivating tale about the island's fortifications.


    North Zealand

    The Danish Riviera offers coast and culture as well as pomp and style

    Go on a well-deserved weekend break to north Zealand, which offers a treasure trove of long coastlines, beautiful nature, exciting history, interesting cultural experiences and so much more. Book a short, relaxing holiday stay in one of the charming towns along the Danish equivalent of the French Riviera, or enjoy the peaceful nature, which offers troll forests, pilgrim roads and beautiful observation posts.

    If you want to spice up your weekend break in north Zealand with a bit of history and culture, you'll be able to find some of northern Europe's most magical royal castles and their castle gardens, with all their pomp and style. You can also visit popular museums with impressive exhibitions by talented artists.



    Spend a few days with Denmark's most unique nature outside your door

    Want to spend a weekend in Skagen? That sounds like a wonderful idea! Unplug for a couple of days and explore Skagen town, with its characteristic yellow houses, galleries with exhibitions from the popular Skagen painters, special shops and delicious seafood restaurants.

    With a weekend break in Skagen, you will experience some of Denmark's most unique natural phenomena right outside your door. For example, visit Grenen, where the waves of the two seas of Kattegat and Skagerrak meet in an aquatic dance, or see Denmark's largest sandbox, Råbjerg Mile. You can also drop by the Sand-Covered Church (Den Tilsandede Kirke) or Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse (Rubjerg Knude Fyr) and gain a better understanding of how the massive sand drift is affecting Danish nature.


    Thy National Park

    Visit Denmark's largest wilderness for a weekend

    Spend a weekend far away from the stress of everyday life and go hunting in Denmark's largest expanse of wilderness, Thy National Park (Nationalpark Thy). Here, you can really put your hiking shoes or biking endurance to the test and get up close to unique nature with a rugged coastline and wild heath and plantation areas.

    One of Thy National Park's undisputed gems is Lodbjerg Lighthouse (Lodbjerg Fyr), which is in the middle of the north-west moors of Jutland. You can also visit Stenbjerg Landingsplads, which with its white equipment sheds right by the beach is a testimony to a time when coast fishing was carried out from the beach.


    Wadden Sea National Park

    Danish nature on UNESCO's world heritage list

    In 2014, Wadden Sea National Park was included on UNESCO's world heritage list, which only confirms that Wadden Sea National Park is worth a visit – particularly if you are planning a short weekend getaway. In particular the islands of Fanø and Rømø located on the west coast of Jutland are popular destinations for nature lovers who want to experience everything the Wadden Sea has to offer.

    Explore the unique nature areas with long hikes along the wide sandy beach, dip your toes in the extremely shallow water, and see if you can spot the seals that come to hunt at the Wadden Sea – just make sure you keep an eye on that tricky tide!



    Experience the wind of the North Sea

    Treat yourself to a weekend break in Blåvand by the North Sea, where the wind can blow away all the irrelevancies of your everyday life. Here, you can recharge your batteries and be ready to face a new week. This classic getaway spot on the west coast of Jutland is the ideal holiday destination if you are mostly looking for relaxation, with long, therapeutic walks by the water to the sound of the roaring waves of the North Sea.

    You can spice up your weekend break in Blåvand with tours in the unique nature, either by bike or on horseback, or you can enjoy fun and games at a play land with trampolines and swimming pools, where people of all ages leave with rosy cheeks and fond memories.


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