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    Richmond is a seaside city in British Columbia that serves as a culturally charged and history-filled alternative to neighbouring Vancouver. You can find most of its heritage in the fishing village of Steveston, where you can take in waterfront views while feasting on seafood grills at Fisherman’s Wharf. Most of Richmond’s historical sites are nearby.

    In the city, you’ll find one of the largest Buddhist temples in all of North America. Richmond’s modern shopping malls in the so-called Golden Village also show Asian influences, with Chinese and Hong Kong-style eateries and shops. Besides culture and history, the city offers its share of the great Canadian outdoors. Find out more through this list of things to do in Richmond BC. 

    What are the best things to do in Richmond BC?


    Start the day at Steveston Harbour

    The home of Richmond’s heritage fishing village

    This harbourfront is where you can find remnants of Richmond’s old fishing village. Steveston Harbour has progressed over time to become a main visitor attraction, with its focal point being Fisherman’s Wharf. Great seafood bars and grill houses on the jetty-like platforms here offer great alfresco dining overlooking the boat docks. You can enjoy a stroll around the scenic dikes or through the quaint neighbourhood. Eclectic houses line the wide streets here, which retain much of their antique stylishness.

    Lokalizacja: 3820 Bayview St, Richmond, BC V7E 4R7, Canada

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    Bike through Iona Beach Regional Park

    A lush park between Fraser River and the Pacific

    You can enjoy the nature scenes of Richmond in this park at its north-eastern tip of the city. Iona Beach Regional Park borders Fraser River, where it meets the open waters of the Pacific. It's known for its long beach and is a great place to see a sand dune ecosystem that attracts thousands of migratory birds in spring (around March to June) and autumn (around September to December). The best way to take in the view is by bike, along scenic trails lined with wildflowers and benches.

    Lokalizacja: 900 Ferguson Road, Richmond, BC V7B 1W7, Canada

    Otwarte: Daily from 7am to 7pm

    Telefon: +1 604-224-5739

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    Go whale watching

    Go on sea adventures from Steveston Harbour

    Richmond’s Steveston Harbour is a popular starting point for whale watching tours, even for visitors from neighbouring Vancouver. You can set sail for the adventure of a lifetime with operators like Vancouver Whale Watch (technically in Richmond, despite its name), and Steveston Seabreeze Adventures. Boats typically feature an open seating area, specially designed for marine sightseeing. Common sightings include seals, porpoises, and the whale pods that habitually return to these waters each year. Some boats have hydrophones that let you listen to the whales’ song.

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    Must-See: International Buddhist Temple

    Find an oasis of Zen in Richmond

    This majestic Buddhist temple is among the largest in all of North America. It’s also home to the largest Buddhist statue and ceramic tile mural on the continent. Entering the temple’s grounds transports you to China, far from the busy urban scenes of Steveston Highway. Majestic buildings with exquisite gardens, fountains, dragon bridges and shrines adorn the temple grounds. Through temple arches and windows, you’ll be able to peek at colourful and gilded statues of Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

    Lokalizacja: 9160 Steveston Hwy, Richmond, BC V7A 1M5, Canada

    Otwarte: Daily from 9.30am to 5.30pm

    Telefon: +1 604-274-2822

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    Explore the film set town of Storybrooke

    Head down to the Rabbit Hole

    Moncton Street in Richmond’s historical seaside village of Steveston served as the filming location for the fantasy drama TV series Once Upon a Time (2011-2018). The whole street was chosen for the setting of the fictitious seaside town of Storybrooke, thanks to its row of quaint storefronts, cafés, and well-preserved, old-fashioned buildings. If you’ve followed the series, you can soak in the atmosphere of Storybrooke and spot recognisable places, such as the Storybrooke Free Public Library, the Rabbit Hole club and bar, and the elegant Swan House.

    Lokalizacja: 3560 Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7E 3A2, Canada

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    Must-See: Steveston Museum

    For a glimpse into Richmond’s heritage

    Overseen by Steveston Historical Society in Richmond, the Steveston Museum & Visitor Centre is a great place to get a glimpse into the village’s past. The building itself is of great historical value, dating back to 1905 when it housed the village’s first bank at the beginning of the fishing and canning boom. Inside are rooms filled with period furniture, as well as Japanese settler artefacts and old household items that tell about life in Steveston in the old days.

    Lokalizacja: 3811 Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7C 3A0, Canada

    Otwarte: Monday–Saturday from 9.30am to 5pm, Sundays from 12pm to 4pm

    Telefon: +1 604-718-8439

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    Go golfing at Richmond’s country clubs

    Fancy a round in the great outdoors?

    With Richmond’s gorgeous scenery and mild coastal climate, enjoying a round of golf can be a fun way to explore the great outdoors. There are plenty of golfing spots spread throughout Richmond, but we recommend the 3 main public courses. Greenacres Golf Course has a few challenging holes, with excellent fairways and greens. Country Meadows Golf Course offers varying challenges for beginners to pros, with a great practice range and putting greens. The lakes around Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club add a lot to the beauty and challenges of your game.

    Otwarte: All courses are open daily from 8am to 8pm

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    Go shopping around Golden Village

    Hop between malls in Richmond’s commercial district

    You can get a sense of Richmond’s dynamic Asian culture through the many shopping malls that dot the commercial district known as Golden Village. The area stretches between Sea Island Way, near the Fraser River, and down to Garden City Road. In between, you can browse over 100 designer fashion stores inside Aberdeen Centre, try out hotpot and Chinese buffet diners at the food centres within President Plaza, Yaohan Centre and Parker Place, or buy Asian goods in the Hong Kong-style Continental Centre mall.

    Lokalizacja: Golden Village, Richmond, BC V6X 4J7, Canada

    Otwarte: Most malls open daily from 11am to 9pm

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    Eat fish and chips at Garry Point Park

    Enjoy open spaces by the Fraser River

    You can take in the pleasant urban spaces by the Fraser River at Garry Point Park. The park has tree-lined trails where you can jog or bike, as well as benches by the riverside where you can have a picnic while watching boats and birds go by. It has a wonderful Japanese garden with stone sculptures and sand gardens. Visit in spring (around March to June) to see the cherry blossom trees burst into full bloom. The longstanding Pajo’s Fish & Chips shop nearby is a great spot to snack at sunset

    Lokalizacja: 12011 Seventh Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 4X2, Canada

    Otwarte: Daily from 7am to 11pm

    Telefon: +1 604-244-1208

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    End the day watching a play at Gateway Theatre

    See lively musicals and comedies

    Richmond’s 520-seat Gateway Theatre on Gilbert Road usually puts on a range of productions every season, including musicals, comedies, dramas and creative plays. If you visit over the Christmas holiday season, they often perform holiday plays and creative renditions of classics such as Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Their plays are often refreshingly amusing, with intermittent mashups, while keeping it grounded with intricately designed costumes and live orchestral interludes.

    Lokalizacja: 6500 Gilbert Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 3V4, Canada

    Otwarte: Monday–Saturday from 12pm to 5pm (closed on Sundays)

    Telefon: +1 604-270-1812

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